Zasalamel appears in Siegfried Schtauffen Vs. Arthas Menethil and is classified as a cameo. He was voiced by Joseph Sylvers. In the battle, he stops the Announcer from declaring Arthas Menethil as the victor following Siegfried Schtauffen's dispossession from Soul Edge and self–imposed exile and proceeds to resurrect Soul Edge as the second Nightmare, thus allowing the battle to continue.

Information on the Cameo

Zasalamel is an independent supporting villain in the Soul Calibur series, debuting in Soul Calibur III, which is actually the fourth installment in the series including the original Soul Edge arcade game. He is a member of an otherwise long–extinct tribe which once held and protected the Soul Calibur sword whose use of an immortality spell on himself has caused him to be trapped in an eternal cycle of resurrection: he is not exempt from aging, suffering and death, but whenever he does die he is reborn in a new body which grows to become identical to his original one, right down to the presence of a golden eyeball.

Zasalamel was the one responsible for the return of Nightmare, the identity created by Siegfried Schtauffen while possessed by the evil sword Soul Edge, as an independent corporeal being in Soul Calibur III, which he did as part of a canonically unsuccessful effort to finally kill himself using the combined power of both Soul swords. His personal ending in Soul Calibur IV shows him accepting his immortality and taking on a role as humanity's progress–encouraging guide. Zasalamel does not appear in Soul Calibur V.


Hold it!

I'm a man with no life, because I've got too many:

Popping back and just reviving all the time like I was Kenny!

Let that sink in while I sow some power back into this sword,

So it can reap my soul at last and I can stop being so bored...