Yakko Warner battled Ed, Edd and Eddy alongside his siblings Wakko Warner and Dot Warner in Eds Vs. Warners. He was voiced by David Ohlsen.

Information on the RapperEdit

Yakko Worner is one of the main protagonists of the popular animated comedy series Animainiacs. Like his siblings, Yakko was created and brought to life as a cartoon character for Warner Bros. in the early days of animation, but proved to be too insane to work with and was locked in the W.B. water tower where they remained until learning to escape in present day. Yakko is the tallest and most talkative of the three Warner siblings, and also the only one to wear pants. He tends to be involved in most of the show's occasional risqué humor, leading to his catchphrase "Goodnight, everybody!" spoken after a dirty joke. He is also known for his song where he names all of the countries of the world, which was recorded in one take by voice actor Rob Paulsen.


(Lines in italics are group lines)

Verse 1:Edit

Roll back your neon tongues inside your empty skulls and call it quits!

Step to Spielberg's favored animation legends?

Like the street you call your home, it's only leading to a dead end!

You'll tear out what little hair you have before this gig is over,

For we'll cause you more vexation than a pebble in your loafers.

You're hard-pressed to land a single quarter safely in your wallet;

If ol' Ponzi's the con-art Picasso, you're the Jackson Pollocks.

We teach history and geography at no expense of fun.

Verse 2:Edit

You lumpen dorks are full of nonsense as your stupid limbo theory is!

…'Cause they may still be making dickies, but not 'toons as dope as us!

Our show's The Godfather of cartoons!

Verse 3:Edit

It's time to turn the wheel and teach a lesson; moral number four:

Your chance is nonexistent as your background cast; don't try to take us!

Mr. Mime Time's always back for more, but get this understood:

Just like our old pal Buddy, we'll put you clowns down and out for good.

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