XERXES appeared as a cameo in GLaDOS Vs. SHODAN. He was voiced by David Ohlsen.

Information on the CameoEdit

XERXES is the tertiary antagonist of System Shock 2. An artificial intelligence created after the rise of SHODAN and thus deliberately designed with less self-awareness to prevent him from becoming like her, he is the native A.I. aboard the Von Braun vessel who has been manually reprogrammed by an indoctrinated traitor named Malick to work for The Many, a mass of parasitic annelids inadvertently created by SHODAN, and now uses the ship's security systems against the player while broadcasting praise for The Many and encouraging the player to give up and be assimilated. Later in the game, XERXES' control of the ship's systems is overridden by SHODAN with the player's help, but it is unclear if he actually "died" from this.


I detect no threat from this intruder.

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