William Bludworth appeared as an extended cameo in Death Vs. Death, introducing Death (Final Destination). Directly preceding his cameo there was a large explosion and interlude discussing it. He was voiced by Francisco G. in his MERB debut.

Information on the cameo

William Bludworth is a character in the Final Destination film series, a mortician with immense knowledge of Death's design who provides exposition to the doomed protagonists. He is the only character to appear in more than one film of the series and survive. Bludworth is played by Tony Todd, otherwise best known for his performances as the title character in the Candyman films.


Yo, I got no invitation; wasn't called from any mirror,

But I happened to be passing by, and couldn't help but overhear:

It appears you had a premonition, but you're not supposed to be here.

Death's been shorted, now you cheaters have the ire of the Reaper!

Seen this all happen before, and man, the end is never pretty;

There's no accidents and no coincidences, its a pity.

Now, I'd tell you to be careful, but in truth, you're straight-up doomed!

The grim one's coming for the lot of you, and so I'll see you soon...


  • Bludworth is the "cameo" with the most lines.
  • He is the only character in Death Vs. Death to be voiced by an all-new cast member.