Wheatley appeared as a cameo in GLaDOS Vs. SHODAN. He was voiced by Joseph Sylvers.

Information on the CameoEdit

Wheatley is the secondary antagonist of the Portal saga, appearing throughout and assuming his villainous role in the second half of the duology's second game. He is a personality core created by Aperture Science during the process of GLaDOS' rise to power and deliberately designed to be a counterintuitive "moron" in hopes that installing him into GLaDOS would make her too dumb to do more than the tasks she was created for (that is, to stop her from killing people).

At the start of Portal 2, Wheatley awakens the protagonist from suspended animation after many thousands of years and joins her on an adventure through the Aperture Science facility, which has fallen into disrepair since GLaDOS' "death" from which she is reactivated not long after this new journey starts. Wheatley later reunites with the player and eventually helps her defeat GLaDOS a second time, then installing himself into her control center while relegating her to a potato battery. Upon gaining control of the facility, Wheatley immediately becomes overcome with megalomania and decides not to let the protagonist go free, wishing to use her for still more "testing". During the levels designed by him, Wheatley's inadequate ingenuity is quite apparent from irrational obstacle designs and improper use of Aperture technologies such as fusing turrets and weighted storage blocks.

At the end of the game, Wheatley is expelled into space where he drifts indefinitely, resigning himself to this fate and expressing sincere remorse.


Yeah, this is the part where she kills you!


  • Second cameo of Joe's to finish a rhyme.

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