Ryu and Ken:

R: It looks like time for the tag team...

K: ...To beat the ego out of a duo we deem...

R: ...Unworthy of this double kick and Hadouken...

K: ...Being instead an MK punk and a manual Shoryuken!

R: I'd like to point out, that Fist is not Iron.

K: We'll leave Carl in a rap cage like Siryn!

R: Heroes for hire? More like pay for fails!

K: Just check out Alpha, we're tough as nails!

R: So just you watch as I spin through the air...

K: ...And I go in for the kill - a death scare!

Luke Cage and Iron Fist:

C: It's 'bout time you two shut up and let us have a go.

F: I can sense this blondie's chi has a distorted flow!

C: An unbreakable man...

F: And a master of mentality!

C: We'll empty your health bar in one blow!

F: Done drastically!

C:Jewel'd punch a hole in Chun-Li!

F:You don't have the Guile.

C: Watch me block your blows with my face...

F: While I kill!

C:I may strive to be a better man, but you two will be laid out!

F: Leave you like I did to Shou-Lou, K'un-L'un combo, no doubt.

C: New Avengers badasses!

F: Our rage bar never will expire...

Both: So you two try-hards better bow to the Heroes for Hire!

Ryu and Ken:

K: Bring it on "Power Man", you'll bleed by my hand.

R: The brains to win this, too calm for Danny Rand!

K: You failed at Daredevil, I rule even in cinema.

R: You are not on our level, you had to bring it up!

K: We'll put Cage back in jail, like his origin story.

R: The more reserved fighting game, but we still get gory!

K: I'd rather be facing down that frozen chump than this duo.

R:I'll enter the path of Nothingness and dice you like prosciutto.

K: Two men without limits!

R: step back to withstand your ultimate blow.

Both: We won't be scared to go Darth Vader by that halfass flow!

Luke Cage and Iron Fist:

F: It seems that the lesson still has not been conveyed.

C:Two prissy ladies step to us, then they'll get spayed!

F: Too tenacious to fall to your meager diarrhoea joke foot...

C: ...Not to mention invincible for your Assassin's Fist to boot!

F: You, major one, will definitely need to seperate from your soul!

C: And this minor punk will be kicked so hard he'll be back in Seoul.

F: You may have contained the raging demon...

C: ...Beat your insecurity...

F: ...Won a whole fighting tournament...

C: ...And fought with judo heaps...

F: ...But if you dare to step to this team...

C: ...You won't miss this!

F: My chi flow is unstoppable!

C: And you'll be finished, SWEET CHRISTMAS!

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