I dared myself to make a sequel to some awesome and some not so awesome rap battles. This is one of the awesome ones, Avatar Aang Vs. Ben Tennyson. It features rappers Avatar Aang and Ben Tennyson. The prologue is for the Youtube video's description.


Aang, it looks like we're at this thing again

Beat a Chromastoned monk more ways than 10

The truth is, I'm Waybig-er than you ever were

The reality: you're a chump, I'd rather face Ong

Crush you into submission, won't take long

Zuko couldn't touch my Tadenite cousin Kevie

Shoot you into more pieces than TF2's Heavy

Four arms on one, Bentopia crush your city

Now you face the Rath of Khan in this ditty

And Rook could knock Sokka six times in a row

After you have a verse I'll match it blow by blow

Beat all your versions, from Korra to Rokku

You should learn restraint, listen to Son Goku

Got Anodite blood, cancel out your bending

Ultimate Alien X, decisions need no defending

Because a hundred million forms isn't enough

To face more arrogance than High Breed and less tough

While I got a Crashhopper you spin on balls

Break you hard as Deadpool does the 4th wall


Talk about breaking suspension of disbelief

I got over my lack of control, now just the Leaf

Singe you and your Molestache to prove it

This time I will stand no references to Reddit

Smack your five series with my post script Ben

Count up, energy makes five over your ten

What's next? You gonna go Plastic Man like H?

Tear diamond apart and leave this last place

Thought you suffered enough earlier Tennyson

Founded Republic City, your chance is gone

Stronger than my successor, same with before

Don't need Rokku's advice to kick u out the door

Beat you left and right, rip blood out your veins

This is my world boy, I'm holding the reins

You should've kept the Ultimatrix you dunce

Amped past your prime, left you alive just once

And you used to have good names Ball Weevil

High Breed armada? Ozai, that's some true evil

Mortal, I got the experience, leave comics to me

Start this battle in London, knock you too Sydney

You'll fall harder than I felled Spark Boom boom man

After Sydney I'll water-bend you over to Japan

Then fire-bending makes u go ghost like Danny

Your head will be on sale in Nook's Cranny

Got friend zoned by Eunice, Jennifer and Julie

Use Vegeta style to make a sun for ghoulie

Any and all of your fans make me Upchuck

Just like TUFF puppy you’re some corn to shuck

You went from serious stuff to a full kiddy show

This battle is just to show that Ben Ten blows


I said blow for blow so here I go you TV scum

Trying to hijack my fans so you can get some

But that's as likely as you beating Naruto

And I carry more Bullfrags than that you know

Going to Spitter Lodestar, who can't do metal

Harder than the man of steel not pot vs kettle

This is more like a shiv against Paul Hogan

Got a Galactic Attack, in title and slogan

But let me Fasttrack this to the counters

Blitzenwolf through you like Z'Skayrs mountain

Aang bro, if you weren't I'd make you an orphan

You have 3 books I won't read & did more than

And why does a saviour of the universe need love

I take out a foe uglier than Toepick from above

Your lines are almost as clever as Sokka's foe names

Want evil? Fight Pokemon's Jesse and James

Superheroes beneath me, gone Ulimate Ben

Stronger than u Kaio-ken be again and again

Galapagos was a better pacifist, better air

Avatars another extinct species I won't care

How many times have I been called a god?

Who needs nature when you got that, clod

Doctor Animo was a better foe you're a joke

Vilgax wouldn't fight this champion croak

Your equivalent strength in villains, you hater

Is the extra nerfed, pre-beaten Toilenator


Is that so, let me give you some Feedback

You took it a bit far with the Team Rocket crack

Considering you're a wannabe Ash Ketchum

Leave you scarred, bruised, dieing and some

Who needs magnetism when you got rocks

Knock you straight out of your revolting socks

Don't need to save a universe to beat you down

Should've brought Gen Rex to take the crown

Kill me? Even if you could I'd live on so what

Chance do you have when trained you are not

You don't even rate a page on Wikipedia kid

Just the comedy relief in rapping like Sid Bend 5 elements, you have forms of them all

So bring on the forms in which u stand tall

Heatblast, NRG, Water Hazard, Diamondhead

Plus Ghostfreak, all bended until you're dead

Showed Ozai mercy, doesn't extend to rednecks

Loving their cousins, shoot you like Jonah Hex

I can prove you wanna be me, half anime design

Fought off nations and armies, and I'm just fine

You may have been deified, so were my monks

And you're like a three day old clam, that funk


Man, can't believe I clicked the watch no need

Just said I'm a god, El Dorado: gods don't bleed

So get lost with blood bending, stick to juice

How should I finish you? So hard to choose

And wait! Are you saying you don't bend cactus?

You couldn't beat Dr Light, I'd take Galactus

Seriously again, who can't bend metal man

It's even done by a purple guy against Japan

Cartoon Network essential, get lost Nicktoon

Dumber than Derpy Hooves, I'm a Houndoom

Alien X has constraints, Swampfire got magic

Did the fortune teller say you'd win? So tragic

Alien Swarm, Race Against Time, quality films

Strangle you with a Wildvine, you and your ilk

Recoil from my Frankenstrike like I'm Benviktor

Z'Skayr or not, in the end I'll be the only victor

Say you can fight firelords but you can’t beat Firelord

Tear through Avatars like Dovahkiin through Nords

Got Four arms four fun beat you like 4kids TV

Then I'll get Grandpa Max to loose the "RV"

More than enough to lick your bison like a mole

Believe that you’ll win, bigger than Myaxx hole

Armadrillo through you the same way, my fault

You stepped to me, I came in like a Cannonbolt

Stinkflying like Zauriel, looking really holy

Still this ended with you standing behind Broly

The Legion of follow-ups biggest challenge, carry on from an almost nine minute battle with a decent verse length. I knew I could because it seemed to be written by someone who watched Aang but just went onto Wikipedia and Wikia for Ben, and they didn’t even use the pun Chromastoned. I mean really?

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