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  • My occupation is (in character)The saikyou hero. (IRL) I work at a museum
  • I am HERE!
  • Iamthelegion

    Now that those fools have been dealt with, you're in trouble

    Your bizarre plotline is more flawed than Tronjheim's tunnels

    Rhymes cutting you more cleanly than Zar'roc did to Durza

    Scabbers is the most bizarre right hand man since Bhurse

    You're parents died by special effects, Brom took a Ra'Zac blade

    I'm rolling with Solembum, your feline BFF should be spaid

    Rocking Algaesia from Surda to Farthen Dur to Uru Baen

    This chump is confined to the British Isle, what a shame

    You were a curse on the resistance, since Before you were born

    You took down a troll? My gaze leaves Kull up and torn

    I'm not restricted to a twig, I have my own potential, see

    And sure in book seven you took down Voldemort, eventually

    If you face the Hrethcharach I'll leave a Knurlheim…

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  • Iamthelegion

    R: It looks like time for the tag team...

    K: ...To beat the ego out of a duo we deem...

    R: ...Unworthy of this double kick and Hadouken...

    K: ...Being instead an MK punk and a manual Shoryuken!

    R: I'd like to point out, that Fist is not Iron.

    K: We'll leave Carl in a rap cage like Siryn!

    R: Heroes for hire? More like pay for fails!

    K: Just check out Alpha, we're tough as nails!

    R: So just you watch as I spin through the air...

    K: ...And I go in for the kill - a death scare!

    C: It's 'bout time you two shut up and let us have a go.

    F: I can sense this blondie's chi has a distorted flow!

    C: An unbreakable man...

    F: And a master of mentality!

    C: We'll empty your health bar in one blow!

    F: Done drastically!

    C:Jewel'd punch a hole in Chun-Li!

    F:You don't have the Guile.

    C: Watch m…

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  • Iamthelegion

    I dared myself to make a sequel to some awesome and some not so awesome rap battles. This is one of the awesome ones, Avatar Aang Vs. Ben Tennyson. It features rappers Avatar Aang and Ben Tennyson. The prologue is for the Youtube video's description.

    Aang, it looks like we're at this thing again

    Beat a Chromastoned monk more ways than 10

    The truth is, I'm Waybig-er than you ever were

    The reality: you're a chump, I'd rather face Ong

    Crush you into submission, won't take long

    Zuko couldn't touch my Tadenite cousin Kevie

    Shoot you into more pieces than TF2's Heavy

    Four arms on one, Bentopia crush your city

    Now you face the Rath of Khan in this ditty

    And Rook could knock Sokka six times in a row

    After you have a verse I'll match it blow by blow

    Beat all y…

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