eeBattle 3 features Canadian radeo show host and not YouTuber,ADoseofBuckley going up against This Song Sucks host, Luke Giordano to see who is funnier and the better of two of my favorite internet critics.


All the spelling mistakes are ment to be there. Just watch Luke's videos to see why.


Epic Rap Battles of Whatever! Adam Buckley! Vs. Luke Giordano! Begin!

Adam Buckley:

This is Advice no one asked for,

Today's advice: Don't watch this guy anymore.

You don't deserve to live icspecialy after making fun of Five Finger Death punch,

Do what the commenters say, and get a job fat cunt!

This Song Sucks sucks and so do you,

Just go to Big Baby Corner and get off of YouTube!

At leastI didn't write for two shitty sitcoms,

Your jokes are more pathetic than Melkman .com!

Luke Giordano

Hey, I'm Luke Giordano and this guy sucks,

You think your great because you got a million views, well I don't give two fucks!

You never show your face because your afrade people will hate on you,

I'll just tell you what a famous acter told me to do.

Get the fuck out!

You've got so many side series that no one cairs about!

Luke Talking:

You are stupid 100 percent. No one loves you, you loser!

Adam Buckley:

Your bashing on teens for following their dreams, what a fucking douch,

Your even more bad at rap than Jake Owen , so you fucking lose!


You have no taist in music.You are stupid.

Luke Giordano:

You're an I Hate Everything ripoff who needs to die, all you are is another whiny, pompous, I know everything because my finger is on the pulse of pop culture, sit around on my puter and criticize others guy!

Who won? Who's next? I don't know who won, but I do know who's next, so you can't decide that!

Epic Rap Battles of Whatever!

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