Battle 2 features Get Smart agent Maxwell Smart going up against half human half robot cop and one of Moleman's first cameos Inspector Gadget to see who is the better ideotic Don Adams character who also had a feature length film.


Epic Rap Battles of Whatever! Maxwell Smart Vs. Inspector Gadget! Begin!

Maxwell Smart:

Would you believe I have to battle this Robocop wannabe ? Don't tell me your going to win, pleas Smart is in my name, so you'll know that I'll win At least I'm kind to the chief, and don't try to kill him! You don't even solv any cases so what kind of cop do you think you are?

I mean in one of your movies, you were in a relationship with your car! 

All your gadgets always mess up, but I am a skilled super spy,

So why don't you just Go Go Gadget Run and hide!

Inspector Gadget:

Wowsers! that verce was extremely bad,

After I Go Go Gadget win, you'll be M.A.D.!

You say I wannabe Robocop? But You're ripping off James Bond,

And no one remembers your intro , but everyone loves my theam song.

I don't even need my gadgets to win in a rap fight,

Your outclassed by a feamail, in both smarts and hight!

Maxwell Smart:

I asked you not to tell me that, about you winning,

After I shoot you, your gadget head will be a lot more than spinning!

Your live action movie was kaos. Why did they even make another?

Also, you even got destroyed by the Mario brothers!

Before I go stop more villains, there is something that you should know and see,

All your cases are solved by your dog and niece!

Inspector Gadget:

I have a whole franchise, you just have one show,

And your even more stupid than Inspector Clouseau.

I'm the greatest detective ever, your clearly outmatched,

I'm just going to say, Go Go Gadget I just kicked your ass!

Who won?

Who's next?

I'll decide if I like your suggestions!

Epic Rap Battles of Whatever

Go Go Gadget The End!

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