Epic Rap Battles of whatever is my battle series. As the name says I could take suggestions from or about anything and I will use them if I find it good. For my first battle, I'm putting two YouTubers I like against each other. Calm reviewer of movies, games and other stuff and host of The Geek Gallery goombasa, (I will provide a link when I get a chance) faces calm reviewer of bad movies that aren't all that bad Cecil Trachenburg of Goodbadflicks battle it out to see who is the better calm reviewer. Let's start!


Epic Rap Battles of Whatever! Goombassa! Vs. Cecil Trachenburg! Begin!


(His intro plays)

Hey everyone, I'm going to beat this ugly dork,

Your videos are so boring, I'd rather stair at a fucking plastic fork!

My rhymes will be worse than that flee infestation,

I mean your so lonely, you only had one colabaration.

We get that you hate YouTube, but you don't have to sound so pist,

You're so bad, that your whole series got removed from Blip!


Welcom to the geek gallery where we will unite in taking down this guy,

I mean the movies you watch make me want to die.

I don't even need to sware to get fans,

your videos are so horrible I hope they are all removed and ban!

Your name is a ly because those flicks are just bad,

I'll make you look worse then the job I used to have.

If I can handle some flees I can take you,

I already won so just leave before I kill you!


Want to talk about names? At least I revealed mine!

Your verce was so boring, I'd rather watch vine.

I'll break you into parts, like your YouTube videos,

when I'm done with you, you'll be more dead than Koopa in Super Mario Bros!


wow, that verce was a bor,

In fact more so than the plot of Quest 64!

At least I review different things, you're always the same,

And I also don't have to reveal my name!

I'm just getting tired of you so I'm going to end this,

this is only round one, remember that bitch! Who won ? Who's next? I don't know! Epic rap Battles Of Whatever!

Some notes

I will make a second round which will feature a British Youtuber who reviewed Zartaz. Guess who it is. I recommend you check out both of their channels because their really good. This was only a first try so tell me what you think in the comments. Also leave some suggestions! I would recommend you watch their videos so you get the reffrances.

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