Here is some news regarding my battles.

Characters I would like to use

I want to use this characters, but I can't hink of a good match up. I will take suggestions for each?

Squidwerd. One of you guys said Homer Simpson, but I'm not really feeling that one. I am kinda thinking Squidwerd Vs. another character who gets anoied all the time but I can't think of who.


Can't really think of a good person for him to rap against. And Godzilla is out of the question as Moleman used him already. Also, for his battle I need something that rhymes with Meatballs. You'll see why when I make it.

Elmer Fudd

I really want to use him, but can't think of anyone. His verces will also be a little hard to write.

Battles I've planned

Luke and Buckley will have another match for sure. Goodbadflicks Vs. Goombasa 2 has been scrapped.

Mr. Freeze vs. Blizard will be battle 4. It will also feature a very Cold third party rapper.

Megatron / Galvatron Vs. Dimentio / Super Dimentio will be number 5.

Phil Hartman Vs. Gary Owens Ft. Robert C. Bruce.

Final note

You can make video or just audio covers of my battles and post them on YouTube. Just credit me in the description. Also, try and sound like the characters. That is all!

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