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    Hi, I'm Troy Mcclure you may remember me from sutch films as, Ok I'm not really Troy McClure. I've just been watching some of the old Simpsons seasons recently. But anyway, I have some updates and stuff to share. I was away because my old laptop desided it had enough and refused to connect o he internet but not the network. So I got a new computer and just got JAWS for Windows back on it. I will be making edits and stuff on the wiki. I will also make a battle for my series, but don't expect it anytime soon. I also really hope battle 12 gets remastered. I also want Ned Vs. Clay, but I don't see that one being high on the list of remaster connsiterations.

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  • Grinchnight14

    Here is some news regarding my battles.

    I want to use this characters, but I can't hink of a good match up. I will take suggestions for each?

    Squidwerd. One of you guys said Homer Simpson, but I'm not really feeling that one. I am kinda thinking Squidwerd Vs. another character who gets anoied all the time but I can't think of who.


    Can't really think of a good person for him to rap against. And Godzilla is out of the question as Moleman used him already. Also, for his battle I need something that rhymes with Meatballs. You'll see why when I make it.

    Elmer Fudd

    I really want to use him, but can't think of anyone. His verces will also be a little hard to write.

    Luke and Buckley will have another match for sure. Goodbadflicks Vs. Goombasa 2 …

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  • Grinchnight14

    Here are some quwstions. Once they are answered, I will remove them. If I have anymore I will post them.

    Which was your favorite character to rap or cameo as? Which character do you think you could have done better on? If you have time, could you please add the missing lyrics on to pages that don't have any? Could I make a litteral review one of some your battles? (It is not ment to be taken sceariously) What is your so far favorite battle? Will anymore voice acters that only had one or two rolls return? Example the guy who voiced Clay Puppington?

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  • Grinchnight14

    eeBattle 3 features Canadian radeo show host and not YouTuber,ADoseofBuckley going up against This Song Sucks host, Luke Giordano to see who is funnier and the better of two of my favorite internet critics.

    All the spelling mistakes are ment to be there. Just watch Luke's videos to see why.

    Epic Rap Battles of Whatever! Adam Buckley! Vs. Luke Giordano! Begin!

    This is Advice no one asked for,

    Today's advice: Don't watch this guy anymore.

    You don't deserve to live icspecialy after making fun of Five Finger Death punch,

    Do what the commenters say, and get a job fat cunt!

    This Song Sucks sucks and so do you,

    Just go to Big Baby Corner and get off of YouTube!

    At leastI didn't write for two shitty sitcoms,

    Your jokes are more pathetic than Melkman .c…

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  • Grinchnight14

    I decided to review the battles. I will be reviewing them in order. Let's begin!

    Well, this is battle 1. The beat was alright and I realized that you had very good sound quality compared to some of the later ones. I think Gwen won because her flow was better and the disses hit harder. I also liked the cameo. I'm glad you didn't do that robot announcer anymore, because it was just weard and a little annoying.

    Battle 2 was a lot better than the first. This battle did seem a little one sided however. Rainbow Dash's part was funny and I didn't expect it the first time I watched. I also didn't know who mr. ed was before the battle.

    This was in fact the first battle I watched. I was looking for rap battles with Mega Man in them and came across it. …

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