Urdnot Wrex assisted Commander Shepard and his team in battling Captain Price and the other CoD characters in Captain Price Vs. Commander Shepard. He was voiced by James Raul Navarro.

Information on the RapperEdit

Urdnot Wrex is a supporting character in the Mass Effect trilogy. He is a Krogan, a species presently in decline towards extinction due to near-sterility caused by the "Genophage", a virus created to end an earlier war where they were the aggressors. Personality-wise, he is basically a heroic barbarian, or "Proud Warrior Race Guy".

Wrex is notable for being the first squadmate in the series who can potentially die, as he comes into conflict with the other protagonists when it is discovered that antagonist Saren has effectively cured the Genophage but this cure must be destroyed as the Krogan he and his men are breeding are to be designed as mindless grunts in the war he is waging with the galaxy. If Commander Shepard fails to diffuse the situation, Wrex will be killed by either another squadmate or, if he/she is decided to be particularly cruel, Shepard himself/herself. In an ideal playthrough though, Wrex lives and eventually helps cure the Genophage properly in Mass Effect 3, though an inept/cruel player has the opportunity to mess this up resulting in Wrex's death as well.


Your whole clan is getting Wrekt; I really bring the pressure, brah!

My flow's acidic, and I spit it hard as any Thresher Maw!

We'll maul you like a Varren pack!

A squad of rapping Battlemasters; you're as asinine as Wreav.

…Or fighters going kamikaze…

…It's a Suicide Mission if you step to Shepard's posse!

We'll leave you crawling on the ground!

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