Tyrion Lannister appeared at the end of Elsa Vs. Elphaba as a cameo. He was voiced by Joseph Sylvers and portrayed as Prince Hans' uncle in turn with Hans being portrayed as brother to Tyrion's canonical nephew Joffrey.

Information on the Cameo

Tyrion Lannister is one of the foremost protagonists of the A Song of Ice and Fire novel series by George R.R. Martin and its television adaptation Game of Thrones. A heroic member of the otherwise antagonistic House Lannister, he is the youngest son of Tywin Lannister and brother to Jaime and Cersei Lannister as well as uncle to Joffrey Baratheon, whom he is eventually framed for the murder of and forced to flee Westeros for this, murdering his father, who played a role in his wrongful conviction, in the process of escaping.

Tyrion is a dwarf, a factor for which he faces much prejudice and other hardship that has molded him into a cunning and resourceful individual, and is played on television by midget actor Peter Dinklage, who has received international acclaim and recognition for the role. In the books, Tyrion also loses his nose in a climactic battle occurring at the end of the saga's second volume, but this detail is omitted on TV as having to prosthetically edit out Dinklage's nose in all of his subsequent scenes would be impractical.


Hey! Hey, you guys! Over here!

There's no time to explain; we need to hurry!

Um... Did you not hear what the spirit of Arthas' father just said?

Oh... Well, long story short, someone has to put on this helm and become the new Lich King, and fast, or else we'll be in store for a zombie apocalypse so massive that even Rick Grimes, Frank West, Tank Dempsey, Jill Valentine, Ash Williams and Bill Overbeck would all be like, "AW, HELL NAW!"

Well, if you want to put it that way, then yes! Whoever wears this helmet will be bestowed with the unimaginable burden of powers so–


  • The manner of his appearance in MERB is similar to that of James Bond.
  • His part in the aftermath of Arthas's death mirrors that of Tirion Fordring in the equivalent scene in World of Warcraft.