Tina Turner briefly assisted Mad Max in battleing The Chosen One and The Lone Wonnderer in Mad Max Vs. The Vaulte Dweller. She was voiced by Al Williams.

Information on the RapperEdit



Verse 1:Edit

ooh, I'm Breaking Every Rule; you know that heads are gonna gyrate!

Aunty's stacking up the ante on this toe–consuming primate.

Must be hopped on Ultrajet to think you'll top the Acid Queen;

This here's a verbal drive–by shooting out on Highway Nineteen!

Four times more a rhythm–ruler than my thuggish druggie husband:

Twenty–Four–Seven–soulfulness; skill in plentiful abundance.

Love's got none at all to do with it, 'cause simply, I'm the Best,

And boy, you'd do the same being good to me and showing some respect!

Your Wildest Dreams'll be the only place you'll ever see me thwarted;

Punt you up to Trial Temple, send you right Back Where You Started.

Mmmmm, I'll bring you to your knees, but still I won't be satisfied,

Until I go full–GoldenEye and strike you with a satellite!

Verse 2:Edit

The boy's an ace, and by Nichiren, I'm too old to play his game.

Sorry, Maxie; Tina's out, so maybe pass the mic to Bane.



  • First singer to rap in MERB.

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