Tigger battledBig Bird and Elmo in Big Bird Vs. Winnie the Pooh. He assisted Winnie the Pooh and Piglet He is countered by the self–proclaimed third piece of "The quintessential Sesame Street trio", Cookie Monster. He was voiced by Paul Bergen.

Information on the Rapper

Tigger is a duetagonist in the Winnie the Pooh franchise. He is based on a tiger, with a spring for a tail that he often uses to bounce around. He is best friends with Roo and frequently comes into minor conflict with Rabbit. Tigger's self–sung theme song celebrates the merits of "Tiggers", which he uses a plural form of despite admitting that he is the only one. In The Tigger Movie, he rejects this notion and attempts to find his "family" of other Tiggers, before eventually accepting that he really is the only one of his kind and that the other animals of the Hundred Acre Wood are his real family.



You've made a big mistake by making me show up, fuzzy–boy;

When it comes to rapping kids' icons, Tiggers are the real McCoy!

A match between you and me? How terribly uneven;

I'll derail your whole career, even worse than Sheldon Stephens.

I'm rivaled only by Hobbes for most adorable tiger;

Compared to me, you're like something out of H.R. Geiger.

I'm truly one of a kind, unlike you, little "buddy":

You're really just a random extra who happened to get lucky.

You're a creator's pet, so swallow your pride and surrender,

Before you make me bring back the Masked Offender!

And Big Bird, while I can't exactly call you a bully,

Your skills are more non-existent than my biological family.

Back to you, Elmo: Mike Mozart tells me you love balls.

You're weak, while I can't even be held back by the fourth wall.

So go TTFE and leave our wood for good you hellspawn,

Before me and my springy tail bounce you to death like Leprechaun!