The Courier battled Mad Mel Gibson in Mad Max Vs. The Vault Dweller, following The Vault Dweller, The Chosen One, and The Lone Wanderer. She was voiced by Anna Valenzuela.

Information on the Rapper

The Courier is the player-customized protagonist of Fallout: New Vegas. A delivery person shot in the head by a man named Benny on their way to deliver a mysterious package to the New Vegas Strip, the Courier opts to track down Benny initially as a revenge quest, and eventually becomes the deciding factor in a three-way turf war over New Vegas and the Mojave Wasteland between the New California Republic established in previous Fallout games, the barbaric Caesar's Legion, and the current dictator of New Vegas, Mr. House. The player can either side with any of these three or make their own independent bid for control of New Vegas with the help of the robotic Yes Man.


Express shipment, delivery for Old Man Gibson;

Contents: bitch bent to give this prick a head-kicking.

Lucky 38-er lady with a statement to proclaim:

Number Six is fourth in line, but number one at taking names!

I'm a max-implanted, grave-evading, ex-lobotomite;

Your ass is Crazy, Crazy, Crazy as the wackest kin of night!

When I bring out my Wild Card, I'll be the one and only Victor;

Scorching you so hard, you'll almost wish for nuclear winter!

White Glove–level Luxe, without the pesky people–eating;

Knock a sucker off the Tops, and leave his checkered rear retreating.

Hanlon had a reason lying; when you do it, It's a Sin,

And like Elijah's clouded mind, I won't let you begin again,

'Cause I can serve a word–bombardment worthy of the mighty Boomers,

Win a bet against the House, and sabotage a tyrant's tumor.

Freely treading on the Bear and decimating Legion bitches;

No Gods, No Masters, and my friends have "Off" switches!

Beating me's a longer shot than for a ghoulish spaceman;

It's never even gonna happen in the Wild Wasteland.

I'll call a Boone–headshot; you'll never see it 'til you're splattered,

And when all the chips are down, I've got the only one that matters.

Legend like the Burned Man, my mention making haters nervous;

Rock you harder than Ulysses' world, and do it all on purpose!

Rolling triple–twenty sixes, and I'll sack your Caravan,

Before I hand you to my bouncer:

Yes Man: Let me show you Hoover Dam!