The Chosen One battled Mad Max in Mad Max Vs. The Vault Dweller. He was voiced by Griffin Oldenkamp.

information on the RapperEdit

The Chosen One is the player-controlled protagonist of Fallout 2. He or she is the grandchild of The Vault Dweller and a resident of the presently starving tribal village of Arroyo. They are sent out to find a fabled, miraculous device called the G.E.C.K. (Garden of Eden Creation Kit) to save their village, and along the way uncover and stop a genocidal plot by the Enclave, the remnants of the most corrupt part of America's original government, along with other adventures such as variable interactions with a group of neo-mafiosos in the city of New Reno and meeting a group of intelligent, peaceful Deathclaws in their grandpa's old home of Vault 13 (though these sadly automatically end up being killed by the Enclave). The Chosen One's customizability is identical to the Vault Dweller's, and thus they can potentially be identical to their ancestor.


Verse 1:Edit

They say war never changes, but I'm switching up the beats,

So gimme one to build a dream on, and I'll bring the flaming heat!

I can aggrieve and roast a rival, hot as tools of bursting atoms,

But perceive your boasts as idle; not a bullet's worth to back 'em.

I was born a Chosen Champion, and now I'm fully–grown:

A Prizefighter movie star, and got a car to call my own.

Made Man down in Reno, gecko–ganker up in Oregon;

Cross my line of fire, you're as dead as Franky Horrigan!

You've all the charm of Myron, with the courage of Pariah,

While the G.E.C.K. has nothing on the miracles of this messiah.

You can't even trump this tribal in your dreams, you petty loser,

'Cause I'll have Hakunin haunt them; make you scream like Freddy Krueger!

BOOM! Blast you with my Bozar, modded to the peak of pain,

Then make a retarded Skynet with your misshapen, mangled brain.

I'll roll a plasma rifle critical and turn you straight to mush;

Scold you so badly, even Sergeant Dornan's face would have to blush.

Verse 2Edit

Ol' Anna Mae can shove it like a cake up in her face;

I'll sink her Mary harder than an Enclave oil rigger base.

Alas, I hear my village beckon, needing leading from this beast host,

And so I leave your wrecking to my buddy on the East Coast:

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