Tank Dempsey appeared in Captain Price Vs. Commander Shepard, rapping for the COD team against Commander Shepard and company. He was voiced by Paul Bergen.

Information on the Rapper

Tank Dempsey is one of the four main characters in the Call Of Duty Zombies storyline, alongside Dr. Edward Richtofen, Takeo Masaki and Nikolai Belinski. He is a stereotypically macho American soldier who is the most heroic of the quartet but still exhibits some overly bloodthirsty tendencies. He also swares the most of all the characters. Dempsey was chronologically last seen on the Moon within the story, but is ultimately revealed to be a figment of two children's imaginations at the ending of the final, prequel level.


(Lines in italics are said together with the rest of the zombie-slayers)

You better get those windows boarded when the Tank comes rolling in;

This Scary Monster with a Bowie Knife's a true American!


The power switch is set to "ON"...


We'll let the undead eat your brains for lunch.


From Shangri-La up to the Moon, we'll take the carnage anywhere!


You're all a bunch of teddy bears.


This zombie-slaying team's as lethal as your whole Collector Base!


  • He is mentioned by Tyrion Lannister at the end of Elsa Vs. Elphaba as one of the elite zombie-slayers who would still say "AW, HELL NAW!" if faced with the zombie apocalypse that would ensue if a new Lich King were not established.