Takeo Masaki appeared in Captain Price Vs. Camander Sheperd, rapping with the rest of the zombie slayers. He was voiced by WrightOnTarget.

Information on the Rapper

Takeo Masaki is one of the four main characters in the COD Zombies storyline. He is a bloodthirsty Japanese soldier from World War II who is obsessed with "honor". He also believes he killed his family. He is voiced by Tom Cane.


(Lines in italics are said together with the rest of the Zombies team)

By my ancestors' honor, you shall not escape alive;

For those who face this death Machine, no medi-gel can quick Revive.

...And every avenue is open.

Our Wonder weapons pack a punch!

From Shangri-La up to the Moon, we'll take the carnage anywhere!

No Unity can save you now!

This zombie-slaying team's as lethal as your whole Collector Base!