Syndrome battled Bob Parr, Helen Parr, Violet Parr, Dash Parr, Jack-Jack Parr, Gregorio Cortez, Juni Cortez, Carmen Cortez, Ingrid Cortez and Machete in Parr Family Vs. Cortez Family. He was voiced by WrightOnTarget.

Information on the rapperEdit



Congratulations; that's the secret word, but it's no Pee-wee Herman show

When this sick snubbed sidekick-turned-super-squasher's beastly sermons flow!

With Jimmy Neutron's hairdo and an intellect to match,

I went from Bomb Voyage's role to sending Xerek to the trash!

This Buddy ain't nobody's buddy, and you'll all be getting owned,

Because unlike some hypocrites, I mean it saying I work alone,

So if no man's an island, just call me the closest any gets;

The only Syndrome more inclined to spitting harsh words than Tourette's!

I tempted heroes with Mirages of recapturing their glory days

To end their age like Wanted, terminating them in gory ways,

And strained to make the Omnidroid adaptive with my handiness,

Then staged the greatest octopoid attack since Ozymandias!

There's zero-points that you can make against this heavy hitter;

You're all full of B.S., and that doesn't stand for "Baby Sitter".

Man, I'd still stand out if everyone became a mad rhyme-buster;

Dopeness-over-volume-wise, I am the densest motherf-


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