Steve Urkel battled Sally Acorn, Mega Man, Astro Boy and Geno, and murdered Sonic the Hedgehog, at the final section of Sally Acorn Vs. Mega Man 2. He was voiced by Joseph Sylvers.

Information on the rapper

Steve Urkel is the famous breakout character of the sitcom Family Matters, played by actor Jaleel White. He is an exaggeratedly geeky acquaintance of the Winslow family who was originally intended to be a one–time character but unexpectedly became so incredibly popular that by the end of the series' run, he was for all intents and purposes the main character. Urkel is known for his long–time, obsessive crush on Laura Winslow and his many fantastical inventions from later in the series, including machines that gave him the alternate personality of the suave "Stefan Urquelle" and later turned that persona into a separate clone.


(Speaking:) Hehehe... did I do that?

(Rapping:) Heidi–ho, it's me, Steve, but this ain't Blue's Clues;

No, it's the Urk–Man in this Full House, giving y'all the Urkel Blues!

Always the life of the party when I get down to dance;

Total pro at stealing shows, so hang on to your pants,

'Cause I'll be wearing you down until you fall and can't get up.

Being me is pretty hard work, but Thank God I'm Fly enough!

I'm a breakout when I break loose on the television set,

And I'll break you Perfect Strangers without breaking a sweat.

Screw Family: I'm what Matters! I'm the ultimate geek;

When I show up on the scene, just watch those rating start to peak!

This grumpy little doll seems to think he's badass and medieval,

But wait and see how tough he is once he meets up with Stevil.

Rock over here may have a franchise, but I'll ruin that advantage,

When I make Capcom go flat–bankrupt from property damage!

This other 'bot's the fruit of some guy trying to clone his dead son,

But I can make real clones; just ask Stephan.

Hey, what's wrong, Sal? You ain't looking like you should.

Do I make you feel uncomfortable? Aw, that's no good!

Well, I don't need you to be anybody I wanna be,

Literally: swap genes with folks like Elvis and Bruce Lee.

Besides, no one's gonna be replacing Laura in my heart,

And girl, you ain't even Myra, so don't you even start,

Or else I'll stalk you home tonight and put an A–bomb in your dinner,

'Cause I'm cooler than the Fonz, so just accept it: I'm the winner!


  • He is the first fourth–party character in the series.