Simon Petrikov appeared in Elsa Vs. Elphaba, initially rapping against Prince Hans. He was voiced by David Ohlsen.

Information on the Rapper

Simon Petrikov, better known as Ice King, is an antagonist of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, played by prolific voice actor Tom Kenny. He was an archaeologist living before the magically apocalyptic "Mushroom War" who found and was possessed by an enchanted crown that gave him the means to survive and live indefinitely, but also slowly drove him insane, scaring away his beloved fiancé Betty Grof.

Nowadays, Simon the Ice King is a pitiful madman who spends his days kidnapping various princesses of the Land of Ooo and trying to force them to marry him, an obsession that stems from his last remaining memory related to Betty, which was that she was called his "princess" when they were together.

The Bowser-esque princess-chasing was all there was to Ice King's character at first, as his tragic backstory and true name were only revealed much later into the series.


Verse 1

What time is it? It's time to kick your sorry ass!

You've got an uninvited guest; your one-man-party's getting crashed!

I'm putting out a hit on you, and the assassin is myself;

Wrecking you worse than what this crown has done to my own mental health!

You'll go kablooie like a Mushroom bomb, smote by my wizard wrath;

The Cosmic Owl spoke ill of me, but you're an actual sociopath:

It's true, I never was a paragon of proper princess-treatment,

But you're douchey as my heart, and that's no Holly Jolly Secret!

Call me Evergreen: my rapping skill's in bloom all through the year!

Ice King's no Nice King on the mic; my chilling verses should be feared.

To penguins' Cheers, I'll blast your rear to Where Nobody Knows Your Name,

And leave the role of Elsa's second challenger as mine to claim!

Verse 2:

Well, my track record facing humans is a far cry from sublime,

And my lucid resolve to fight you's slipping anyway, so fine!

Verse 3:

Plus, you and I are kindred spirits, man!

Verse 4:

…And prove which cryomancers are the best!


Verse 5:

You've got some nerve, dude!...

Verse 6:

What happens next?


Verse 7:

…And tap it, maybe.


Verse 8:

Can't we just talk this out?


Verse 9:

I can see it with my Wizard Eyes: his claims of strength are truthful!


  • His role in the battle mirrors the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz.
  • He is the seventh Cartoon Network rapper, after Nigel Uno, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, Clay Puppington and Ben Tennyson.
  • Despite being better known as "Ice King" rather than "Simon" both within his story and in how he is credited in official Adventure Time media, he is credited by his real name here and referred to as such by other characters no less than three times throughout the battle.