Reimu Hakurei battled Godzilla and Anguirus alongside Marisa Kirisame and Flandre Scarlet in Reimu Hakurei Vs. Godzilla. She was voiced by Ava Tehrani.

Information on the RapperEdit



Verse 1:Edit

Think I'm scared of you just 'cause I barely come up to your toes?

Prepare to learn how deep the Shanghai Alice rabbit hole goes:

I'm a one–girl army, dreamt up by a one–man team,

Flying around past seas of bullets, spamming neon laser beams;

Near–untouchably nimble, and my hitbox is so small.

Yours is big as they come, and all the harder you'll fall!

I'm an oriental cutie with an elegant aura,

Taking the biggest dump on you since your duel with Hedorah!

Come a long way since I started bouncing 'round that Yin–Yang ball,

And nowadays, my friends and I have half the internet enthralled.

You're old news, Goji, like an apple gone rotten;

Leave you like the old PC cast: obsolete and forgotten!

I'm no slacker when it comes to double–dealing verbal pain:

Enough rhymes to blow your mind across both of your brains!

I'll 1CC this battle without bombs on Lunatic Mode,

Tie you down, and pour a truckload of tea down your throat!

Verse 2:Edit

Your voice sounds like a glove, scraping a bass with rusty wires!

Talk about a far cry from all the music we've inspired,

"We" being me and all my friends; got so many, I lost track.

In fact, I'll show you right now; let my main homegirl take a crack:

Verse 3:Edit

For each remotely scary line you have, a dozen more are goofy;

Congrats on being so spot on with the history of your movies.

Wipe that purposeful grimace from your ugly face, you brute,

Because we'll drop you in three minutes, like your wretched Shodai suit!

Verse 4:Edit

There must be some alien cockroach up there, clouding your thinking!

Two not–so–little monsters, strongest under the sun,

But then our secret weapon came along, and then there were none!

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