Rattlesnake Jake battled Jake Roberts in Rattlesnake Jake Vs. Jake Roberts. He was voiced by EpicJones1.

Information on the RapperEdit

Raddlesnake Jake is the secondary antagonist of the Nickelodeon animated film Rango, and a foil/rival to the title character. He was voiced by Bill Nighy, famous for the role of Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean, and in fact serves a similar role within the wild Western setting compared to Davy Jones' presence on the seas. An oversized rattlesnake with a gun barrel for a tailpiece, Jake is widely known and feared by the other critters of the Mojave Desert and has a demon-esque/otherworldly reputation, though it is never clarified whether he is actually a supernatural entity. He seems to be inspired by the villainous cowboy Angel Eyes from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, which is supported by the fact that a much more obvious representation of that same film's protagonist also appears in Rango as a spiritual vision experienced by the eponymous lizard.


Verse 1:Edit

You don't wanna tread upon the Davy Jones of the Mojave, man;

I speak the truth foretelling your death, unlike owl mariachi bands.

A venom-spitting, Fear-and-Loathing-spreading Western baddie,

Making this deal grislier than any business with your daddy!

Even Diamond Dallas Page can't save your soul once I attack;

No resurrection from your grave dug by this demon diamondback.

The Undertaker's squat next to this Boot Hill-filling death machine;

A Stone-Cold killer, whipping your ass worse than Austin 3:16!

I'm a living legend; you're a wasted druggie with a mullet!

Slaying you half-a-dozen-plus-one times won't take a single bullet.

When I'm done, no one will buy it that you ever did exist!

I'll let the sheriff here warn you once, though; "brother", tell it like it is.

Verse 2:Edit

Vegas isn't far; you wanna bet upon your boasts?

Like Lucas Brothers Moving Company, I'll turn you into a ghost!

Blindside you worse than Rick Martel, and leave you seeing only stars;

Constrict you with my words, and hit you hard like Honky Tonk's guitar!

You won't be born a third time once I'm finished; guts are gonna spurt!

This serpent's style's straight-up saturated; yours is dry as Dirt.

If you don't sign away your title and skip town forevermore,

I'll spill the Beans that are your eyeballs out your skull onto the floor.

Verse 3:Edit

You've gone bats as Balthazar if I've been hearing you correct;

You're hardly worthy of a hat-tip from me, much less my respect!

This town ain't big enough for two Jakes; if you'd dream of winning this fight,

You're in for such a harsh awakening, Rick Rude would look polite!

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