Rango appeared as a cameo in Raddlesnake Jake Vs. Jake Robbers. He was voiced by one time guest star James Fidel.

Information on the CameoEdit

Rango is the titular protagonist of the Oscar-winning 2011 Nickelodeon animated film of the same name. He is a random person's nameless pet lizard, who is lost during a car ride along a Mojave Desert highway, and is immediately designated as doomed to die by a band of mariachi-singing owls. After evading a vicious hawk, the lizard stumbles into a dilapidated settlement of critters known as "Dirt", and upon entering a saloon and finding himself threatened by the local thugs, he decides to make up a tough, heroic persona and name himself as "Rango" in a gambit to survive. Rango is soon later made sheriff after the hawk from earlier attacks Dirt and he inadvertently kills it in the process of running from it, and resolves to do something about the present severe water shortage. The evil mayor of the town, a tortoise who intends to let the citizens die of thirst and do away with their old-fashioned way of life, then hires Rattlesnake Jake to confront Rango and expose him as a fraud, making him leave town in disgrace. However, after receiving spiritual advice from none other than Clint Eastwood's character from the Dollars Trilogy, Rango formulates a plan to restore the water supply and defeats Jake with a geyser erupting from the ground. However, he is then captured by the mayor and placed in a jug of water to drown, but escapes by cracking its glass with a bullet he had swallowed, saving Rattlesnake Jake, who the mayor was in the process of betraying, in the process and earning the outlaw's respect as he departs taking out his wrath on the tortoise instead. Rango and the people of Dirt live on in prosperity, and the mariachi owls are forced to "clarify" that they were speaking of years later when saying Rango would die.


Now listen, Junior: this here ain't your story;

Best walk on out before it gets gory!


  • Originally, Molemanninethousand wanted Johnny Navarro to voice Rango, but the tiny role was deemed not to be worth the trouble of coming the long way's over to record on the frequently busy Johnny's part.

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