Rainbow Dash assisted Twilight Sparkle in battling Mister Ed in Twilight Sparkle Vs. Mister Ed. She was voiced by Molemanninethousand.

Information on the RapperEdit

Rainbow Dash is a fictional character in the My Little Pony franchise owned by Hasbro, debuting in the less–than–well–renowned 2003 product line but being most famous as a main character in the current, infinitely more popular Friendship is Magic series and related media. She is frequently considered to be the most popular character of the series.

Rainbow Dash is a blue–coated, inexplicably rainbow–maned pegasus who is renowned in–story as potentially the fastest flyer of her kind, being able to break the sound barrier and produce a sonic boom–like effect known as the "Sonic Rainboom". Headstrong, tomboyish and a professional athlete, she is designated as the bearer and representative of the "Loyalty" aspect of the Elements of Harmony. Her often–mentioned lifelong dream is to become a member of the Wonderbolts, a prestigious team of elite pegasi similar in position to the real–life Air Force, and often acts as a mentor and big–sisterly figure to the younger pegasus Scootaloo, who seemingly lacks any real family.


Boo! Boo! Those are my two words for you!

You keep talking trash, but you're a bigger chicken than Scootaloo!

I run the full color spectrum of awesomeness;

You're a dull, unappealing, monochrome mess!

And this horse of a lack of color will be in for a jolt,

When I hijack this cloud and strike him with Wonderbolts!

Rainbow Dash is best pony, you racist old nag.

I'm 20,000% cooler than you, bitch! Swag.

Listen here, Francis: I'll beat you in ten seconds flat.

I've got the Sonic Rainboom; there's no way you can top that!

This kid's already gone further then you ever did, sucker!

So I'll leave you with this:



  • She is the first "backup" character in the series.
  • She is the first character to be voiced by the opposite gender.

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