Piglet battled Big Bird supporting Winnie the Pooh in Big Bird Vs. Winnie the Pooh. He was voiced by Ava Tehrani.

Information on the RapperEdit

Piglet is a character in the Winnie the Pooh stories and Disney franchise. He is a timid and easily frightened (though often being designated to have courageous moments) pig and generally portrayed as Pooh's closest friend. He is frequently mistaken for a female due to his voice.


I may sound like a little girl and be the size of a mouse,

But I'm still bringing some mad pig power in this house!

Helping defeat this feathered fiend will be my pleasure.

Next to my blustery rhymes, yours are a mild Spring zephyr!

You'll find this itty–bitty package to be carrying big things.

You don't scare me, and that says a lot. You don't even have wings!

What are you even supposed to be, a canary or a lark?

Either way, I'm conquering you like my fear of the dark.

Yes, you're eight times my size, but I'm not overwhelmed.

I'll have you know: just like you, I have my very own film!

In terms of size–to–coolness ratio, I'm ten times more fly!

My only worthy match on your street is Teeny Little Super Guy.

People write books about my smallness being a virtue.

To beat you, I just need a few good friends and a sti–


  • First character to be interrupted and never properly finish their verse.
  • First male character to be voiced by a female.

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