Penny Gadget rapped in Penelope Vs. Gadget Hackwrench as a third-party. She was voiced by Ilean Ing.

Information on the Rapper:

Penny Gadget is the deuteragonist of the Inspector Gadget franchise. She is the niece of Inspector Gadget and an inventor and skilled detective who usually ends up doing most of the real work in her uncle's cases, though she lets him take the credit and maintains a low profile. Penny is also assisted by a super-intelligent dog named Brain.


I've been watching you two, and I just had to step in.

Both of you vermin can scram, because I'm hacking this transmission.

This battle isn't over, so don't you dare touch that "back" switch.

You wanted Penelope and Gadget? Well, I'm Penny Gadget, bitch!

If you obscure losers plan on trying to best me with your raps,

Then you better Look Out for my verbal mousetrap!

Try to strike back against this prodigal ace,

And I'll send your words back at you, where they'll blow up in your face!

All your talk of your contraptions is driving me M.A.D.

Keep your fictional junk; I made the very first iPad!

As long as I'm here, Penelope, you can forget about crime,

Because just like Dr. Claw, I'll stop you every single time!

And Hackwrench, on your heroics: you can also forget it.

I'll solve all your puny problems, and take all the credit!

I don't need Brain or my uncle to beat you!

I'm human, you're rodents; you're no match for my shoe.


  • She is the first third-party rapper in the series.