Penelope battled Gadget Hackwrench and later Penny Gadget in Penelope Vs. Gadget Hackwrench, and later appeared as a cameo at the end of Shinji Ikari Vs. Rorschach. She was voiced by Coopergal33 both times.

Information on the RapperEdit

Penelope, also known as the Black Baron and the Black Knight, is a supporting antagonist in the Sly Cooper video games. She is a mechanically brilliant and sociopathic mouse from Holland, and co-deuteragonist Bentley's significant other and rival.


Verse 1:Edit

You've made it clear you hold yourself in very high esteem…

But I'm convinced you've slept with every other member of your team.

You can go ahead and call me a back–stabbing bitch.

I really don't care; I'm brilliant, powerful and rich!

My crimes will slip right through the cracks in your feeble little mind.

I'm smarter than you and all your ranger friends combined!

The bottom line is this: I'm a real genius, you're not.

You build contraptions from garbage while I construct giant robots!

Consider this, Gadget: I invented freaking time travel!

On a whim, I could make your whole existence unravel.

Or, if you prefer, I could alternatively prove my might

By blowing your puny Ranger Wing to bits in a dogfight!

In a pirate sword duel, I'd take you down gently…

…By which I mean I'd leave you more crippled than Bentley!

It's hard to choose among the many ways in which I could own you.

I've looked you up; it's clear that all your fans just want to bone you.

Verse 2:Edit

You know what? Fine. I'll say it: I regret what I've done…

…But don't you start thinking that this means you've won!

Evil or not, I'm still ten times a bigger genius than you.

I'm the very best this side of Emmet Brown at what I do! My machines will change the world; yours belong at a science fair:

Their success rate is less consistent than the color of your hair!

Again, I have freaking time travel, so keep your 2x4 tech,

Because it's gonna get wrecked in this duel of mice and mechs!


  • She is the first canonical villain featured in the series.

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