O'Brien briefly assisted Big Brother in battling Sting in Sting Vs. Big Brother, only to be killed by Judge Dredd. He was voiced by loyal MERB fan and regular contributor to this very site TheLegion in his MERB debut.

Information on the RapperEdit

O'Brien is the functional main antagonist of 1984, the theoretical main antagonist whom he operates under, Big Brother, never appearing in person. He is Big Brother's ruthless chief enforcer who runs the "Ministry of Love" where people are brutally tortured both physically and psychologically into complete, total submission to the INGSOC regime.

O'Brien poses as a member of a supposed resistance movement against Big Brother, the "Brotherhood", in order to lure people into admitting that they would wish to join such a movement so that he can have them arrested and tortured for it. As he explains to Winston Smith, the story's "hero", he, Big Brother and their party aim for nothing less than complete destruction of the human spirit and power of such totality that their will effectively becomes the sole reality because no one will be capable of having thoughts independent from their dictation, and they will stop at absolutely nothing to achieve this.

O'Brien and the Ministry of Love's most horrific torture tool of all is "Room 101", a place where victims are subjected to personalized tortures based specifically on their worst fears as perceived by Big Brother's surveillance.


Verse 1:Edit

Hey, have a seat and take a lesson from our nation's top Love-Minister,

By which I mean: brace for a brutal torturing most sinister!

Know this ain't The Tonight Show, 'cause O'Brien's here to stay,

But you'll be headed straight for death; we'll skip the Chestnut Tree Café.

Like clay and to our every hellish whim, we mold and warp reality;

All truth outside of what we will is stamped out with finality.

I'll bring your greatest fear to life, and such will be your pain,

That you'll be happy when we finally put that bullet in your brain!

Verse 2:Edit

I take no pleasure in this, Gordon; soon you'll know that to be true:

Ludovico's squat next to what my next room's got in store for you!


  • First backup rapper to get killed by another backup rapper.

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