Nikolai Belinski appeared in Captain Price vs. Camander Sheperd as part of Captain Price's backup team, specifically alongside the other three zombie-slayers. He was voiced by EpicJones1.

Information on the Rapper

Nikolai Belinski is one of the four main characters in Call of Duty Zombies. He is a Russian soldier who has had many wives and likes to drink vodka.


(Lines in italics are said together with the other Zombies characters)

Now enter Stalin's bane, merciful less often than he's sober.

You remind me of my wife: I'll Insta-Kill you five times over!

Watch us overrun your vessel!

Full of carbonated Perks.

From Shangri-La up to the Moon, we'll take the carnage anywhere!

I've been more scared by little girls!

This zombie-slaying team's as lethal as your whole Collector Base!