The voice of Ner'zhul was present through Frostmourne in Siegfried Schtauffen Vs. Arthas Menethil. He was voiced by Griffin Oldenkamp.

Information on the Cameo

Ner'zhul is an evil orc in the Warcraft universe. He made a blood pact with the demonic Kil'Jaeden that bound his people to the service of the Burning Legion and later had his spirit bound to that of the Lich King, a creation of Kil'Jaeden, as the Scourge overlord's first host identity. Through the cursed sword Frostmourne, Ner'Zhul's will corrupted the human paladin Arthas Menethil and led him to the Frozen Throne, where Arthas merged with the Lich King. Arthas later subdued Ner'zhul's soul within the Lich King's mind and became its sole acting personality.


- In that case, there's this really cool sword...

- For in the final hour, all must serve the one true king! (Said in the background simultaneously with Arthas)