Mrs. Brisby battled Ralph Bakshi, Fritz the Cat and Avatar the Wizard alongside Don Bluth, Charlie Barkin and Anastasia in Ralph Bakshi Vs Don Bluth. She was voiced by Toby Navarro.

Information on the rapper Edit



Verse 1:Edit

Get ready to be made a jackass of, and no Small One, at that,

By a deceptively small heroine who'll halt you in your tracks,

And needs no magic stone to show her strength within a verbal fight;

The N.C.'s Number Three, this widow's damn-near-black in terms of bite!

You'll catch pneumonia from my chilling licks; I'll whoop you as you cough,

And how can you survive this clash when half your own flicks axed you off?

Well, here's my beef: I rented one of your alleged "family" titles,

And its wack content transformed my Martin into Eric Idle!

Unlike you with Tolkien's epic!

Verse 2:Edit

And I thought Dragon was a pain;

To call that prick's film an "experiment" makes NIMH's tests seem humane!

Verse 3:Edit

Hey, here's an ice pick, Donnie; use it!

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