Marisa Kirisame battled Godzilla and Anguirus alongside Reimu Hakurei and Flandre Scarlet in Reimu Hakurei Vs Godzilla. She was voiced by Chelsea Kuehl.

Information on the RapperEdit



Verse 1:Edit

Just let me borrow that mic and watch me steal some precious thunder

With my grimoires' worth of verses that I didn't even plunder!

Like so many books and forums, I'm hijacking this fight,

Packing heat by the star–full, and I'll be knocking out your lights;

Look like an ordinary witch, with pointy hat and little broom,

But bitch, I've got a mushroom–fueled furnace of fiery doom!

Self–trained, and my power's both material and present.

Wanna talk about "leagues"? I'm pretty much in League of Legends!

My words will hit you hard like Gigan, pierce you 'til you're bleeding;

As Patchouli can attest, I really did all of my reading.

Such a swagger queen, got seven different themes to my name;

Plus a Master Spark to overpower your atomic flame,

And though I'm not as strong as Reimu, go ask Alice if I'm hotter.

Either way, we'll blow your whole island of misfits out the water,

'Less you back off; take it easy, as those floating heads would say.

You're in Gensokyo now, Tokyo bloke. Yo, understand, da ze?

Verse 2:Edit

Either that, or someone's broken Suika's record for drinking!

Well use your bones as instruments when this incident's over,

Then upload the brand new song we've made to Nico Nico Douga!

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