Mad Mel Gibson, being the "final transformation" of Mad Max, battled The Lone Wanderer and The Courier in Mad Max Vs. The Vault Dweller. He was voiced by David Ohlsen.

Information On the Rapper

Mel Gibson (born January 3, 1956) is an Australian-American actor and filmmaker. He rose to fame in the 80's for his roles in the Mad Max and Lethal Weapon series, and reached perhaps his peak when he made and starred as William Wallace in Braveheart, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture and was represented in Epic Rap Battles of History itself.

Behind the scenes in recent years, Gibson is known as a rather deranged individual, mainly for antisemitic (mainly relating to The Passion of the Christ, a film about the death of Jesus Christ directed by him which allegedly blames Jews for Christ's execution) and homophobic statements as well as for a series of infuriated phone calls with his estranged girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva in which he says some incredibly vicious things, though it is said they were taken out of context by Grigorieva to use against him for his money. These incidents are the primary basis for Gibson's inclusion here in MERB, and the reason he is designated as "Mad" Mel Gibson as it is not meant to accurately represent his overall person.


Verse 1:

Ring, ring, ring! You'd better pick up the receiver,

So my words can verbal–rape you like a pack of Feral Reavers!

Got the beat under my influence, and you're the one who's crashing;

Bringing Payback, and I punish with a Patriotic Passion!

Leave a Man Without a Face, my curses cutting like a cleaver;

Chew you up and spit you out, and then I'll blame it on the Beaver!

Freaking own Malibu, and now I'm taking D.C.;

An Icon, and ain't no bounty hunter's regulating me!

You must be a jew, 'cause this is war, and you're the one to fault,

So gimme back my win, or else I'm setting fire to your Vault!

I'll make iguana on a stick, where the iguana's your intestines,

But before I do, get on your knees and blow my Lethal Weapon!

Vercs 2:

Let me guess: you're hanging up and calling in another friend,

But Mel is one tough motherfucker, and he won't be getting scared!

Plus, I bet you plan to torture me before this battle's end;

Well, go ahead and bring it on! You know my nipples are prepared!


  • He is the fourth real person to be portrayed as a caricature based on other parodies, after all three rappers in Michael Rosen Vs. Jim Dale.