Liara T'Soni battled Captain Price and the rest of his team in Captain Price Vs. Commander Shepard on the side of Commander Shepard. She was voiced by Toby Navarro.

Information on the RapperEdit

Liara T'Soni is one of the supporting protagonists of the Mass Effect trilogy. She is an Asari, part of an all-female race, the daughter of Martriarch Benezia, one of the first game's secondary antagonists, and is first met trapped, due to her own clumsiness, in an energy field within a Prothean ruin on the planet Therum. As a creature sexually and reproductively compatible with almost any other humanoid, Liara is a romance option for both male and female versions of Commander Shepard. Later in the series, she inherits the title of the criminal mastermind known as the Shadow Broker, gaining access to his vast databases of classified information.


Know you ain't hallucinating as I throw you 'cross the stage!

The Shadow Broker isn't scared of you; I've got your dossiers.

I've done research on better men than you from back in Javik's day.

Even Glyph could school you bastards!

...Like an overcooked grenade...

It's a Suicide Mission if you step to Shepard's posse!

Go teleport yourselves away.

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