LeFou appeared in Gaston Vs. Hans. He was voiced by David Ohlsen.

Information on the Cameo

LeFou is the sidekick of Gaston in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. He is a cartoonishly small and oafish man who acts as Gaston's manservant and yes–man and is oftentimes abused by him, which LeFou seems to dislike without it affecting his overall looking–up–to Gaston. His name means "the madman" in French and is also meant to evoke the sound of the word "fool".


– You tell 'em, boss!

– Wow, what a pathetic loser... totally unlike you, boss.

– I'll strike up the band!


  • First Disney cameo.
  • First time David Ohlsen has only been a cameo in a battle.