L battled L. Ron Hubbard and John Travolta in L Lawliet Vs. L. Ron Hubbard. After being killed towards the end of the battle via a Pulp Fiction reference, he is replaced by Nate River. He was voiced by Joseph Sylvers in his MERB debut.

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L Lawliet is the heroic antagonist of the anime and manga Death Note. L is an eccentric expert detective who is often seen eating sweets or candy, and becomes the arch–nemesis of Light Yagami, A.K.A. the supernatural mass–murderer "Kira". He is eventually killed through Light's machinations, but upon news of his death, another young savant from the orphanage where he was raised, Near, emerges per L's arrangements for the event of his death, and eventually defeats Kira once and for all.


Verse 1:

Let me give you a rundown of some unfunny truths:

Forget Batman and Holmes, too; I'm the world's greatest sleuth…

…Not that I need to be to see right through your global scam.

"Bare–faced Messiah"? Try "Outright Madman"!

You're as crazy as Kira, and that's no mystery;

I suspect that I'll beat you with 100% certainty!

You're a crappy lieutenant, and a sub–par writer, too;

Your work is fanfic–level; you even married a Mary Sue!

And speaking of "sue", I know better than to show my face

To a coward who meets every criticism with a court case!

You may have gotten the first move, but you're still gonna lose.

I'll leave you childishly jumping up and down like Tom Cruise!

No, I wouldn't call it a "cult", this little group of yours.

That would be an insult to films like "Rocky Horror"!

And for all the wealth you've siphoned, your legitimate worth

Is less than the box office gain from "Battlefield Earth"!

Verce 2:

You're a lie–spewing, dream–crushing, blood–sucking monster,

But I can still take you down, regardless of my posture.

I was going to say that I'd take your cake and eat it,

But I'm sure your cake's a lie, just like all your other bullshit!

My identity's the only truth you'll ever reveal,

For in the end, I will win, and justice will prevail!

I know you think you're really clever, but you're in for a surprise,

Because you're not the only one who ever hired hacker spies.

Pretty soon, I might just have to change my letter to "V",

Because, you see, I've enlisted Anonymous to work for me!

We're leaking all your documents, and once they are released,

Your number of followers will yet again decrease!


  • He is the fifth anime/manga character to be featured, after Hercule Satan, Panty, Stocking and Garterbelt.
  • He is the fourth character to die, and the first whose death in–video is accidental.
  • He is credited by his full name in the title of the video, but just called "L" by the announcer.