King Hammurabi battled both Judge Judy and Judge Dredd as a third party in Judge Dredd Vs. Judge Judy. He was voiced by James Raul Navarro in his MERB debut.

Information on the Rapper

Hammurabi was the most well–known king of the ancient Mesopotamian city of Babylon, who wrote the world's first written laws.


(speaking) And what is it exactly your father invented?

(Rapping) Quit babbling and climb up for a history lesson

King of Babylon presiding, court is now in session

Meet you word-for-word; eye-for-eye, ditto tooth.

Steal this battle like a snake on your elixir of youth

I'm the Ur-Example; the original lawgiver.

Best believe my flow is ample, I rule the land of rivers

MC Hammurabi's code, rule eighty-six;

When Iraq the microphone, there can be no touching this

I eat two-shekel mushke-noobs like you for lunch

Laying down the law and beating god to the punch

My code cuts zero slack and my raps are true to form

Hard with lyrical attacks, cause they're set in Cuneiform!

Ask Mari, you'll be sorry if I don't get your vote

I'll throw you in the Tigris and I won't let you float

Not a mutant in the slightest, my city's not damned

But I'll have your hides blinded, let you wander the sands

When I built my empire I'm a kinsman, a healer

But when it's judgement time, I'm a trial-by-ordeal-er

Want to spit fire too? Learn my ancient tricks?

Hear's a burning hot spoon, come and give it a lick

It's unfair and barbaric, but it's also progress

Now they verify my merit up in US congress

I'll disinherit you like my weak-ass successors

Court dismissed with prejudice for every last transgressor


  • He is by far the oldest character featured in the series.
  • Referred to by Molemanninethousand as the first truly historical person to rap in the series. Overall, he is the seventh real person to rap in the series, but all of the others are more–or–less celebrities rather than people who will go down in serious world history, i.e. be written about in major history books.
    • The second major historical figure to show up would be Jesus Christ.
  • His main set of visual clips is from the video game Civilization IV.