Julian Robotnik battled The Once-ler, Garrosh Hellscream, Aku, T. E. Lawrence, and Remy LeBeau in Moleman's Epic Rap Battles News. He was voiced by Carlos Reyis in his MERB debut.

Information on the RapperEdit



Aw, quite a nice dream, that… but dreams, of course, are meant to be…

Broken's how you'll wish I'd left your once this coup d'état's complete,

And you're helplessly watching your own metal forms bow to my feet!

The maniac who blew the Planet of the Furries up to Hell,

It's Doomsday when my ghastly voice projects; my Cumming's your death knell!

You'll face EndGame upon being met with my Roboticizer's jolt:

It'll give Lawrence his most drastic overhaul since Robert Bolt!

Watch Draenor's chieftains flee when this Warlord steps into the arena.

Remy, I'll rock your whole hometown as if my name were Katrina!

What's Aku's grip on the world next to my literal steel fist?

Compared to me, Once-ler's a radical environmentalist!

Just ask my nephew how heartless I am; he'll be your next-door neighbor,

Once I knead your bodies into blocks for holding down my papers!

Of all blights on Mobius, only Ken Penders' crimes are more,

And now, just like my robo-self, I'm on a cross-zone conquest tour!

As for the Freedom Fighters, let's just say: I've taught them not to talk shit;

Thus, I let the princess sum up their new creed…

But… but how?

Grr… I should have expected as much from a Mary Sue such as yourse

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