John "Soap" MacTavish battled Commander Shepard alongside Captain Price in Captain Price Vs. Commander Shepard. He was voiced by David Ohlsen.

Information on the RapperEdit

Captain John "Soap" MacTavish is one of the main characters of the Modern Warfare trilogy, part of the larger Call of Duty franchise. A member of multinational special operations unit Task Force 141, he is the closest comrade of Captain Price and the character players control most often throughout the trilogy. Soap, while in the player's control, notably executes the main villains of both of the first two games, Imran Zakhaev and General Shepherd (no relation to Commander Shepard), while himself and Price are badly wounded in either situation. Despite being the younger and more intimate of the two protagonists, traits that usually spell out a greater likelihood for survival as opposed to aloof, mentor-like characters such as Captain Price, MacTavish is eventually killed off towards the end of the third game while Price lives.


("–" marks indicate that Price says at least one line in-between the above and below lines by Soap)

Verse 1:Edit

It's ravishing MacTavish, here to ravage savagely with rhyming!

Ain't No Rushin' is required; yo, I spit in perfect timing.

Skilled sharpshooting Scot in prime prestige surpassing measuring;

A human Omni-tool, just like Ramirez doing everything!

Scrubbing out the worst scum of the Earth's my speciality!

I'll shank you harder than the last Shepherd that fucked with us!

Good thing he came back, and Makarov was left hanging!

You're getting overthrown.

The unsaddlers of Horsemen!

Instigating Shock and Awe; dropping bombs with every sentence!

You're closer to a cattle.

Space cows will be harmed in the making of this battle!

Verse 2:Edit

We're aiming down our iron sights, and fragging you is what they're set on.

We're the Harbingers of profit for the Activision brand.

Rising up above the Call!

Bring your squalid squad along, we'll make a killstreak of them all!

Verse 3:Edit

…But don't mistake it for surrender…

Things are getting dark and scary…

…So without further hesitation…



  • Earliest backup rapper to enter.

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