Jim Dale battled Michael Rosen and later George S. Irving in Michael Rosen Vs. Jim Dale. Like everyone in the battle, he was "voiced by himself" with YTP sentence mixing. He also made a cameo at the end of Shinji Ikari Vs. Rorschach, saying "Cun-crac-jew-ulations".

Information on the Rapper

Jim Dale, born August 15, 1935, is an English actor and singer best known as the American–edition narrator of the Harry Potter audiobooks. Said audiobooks have notably been turned into the "Dirty Potter" series of audio–YouTube Poops, in which Dale's voice is made to say some of the foulest things imaginable.


Verse 1:

And, for some strange reason, I came suddenly into the class

To show how I in every way possible surpass

This smelly and very pathetic excuse for a narrator

Than which I am hundreds and hundreds of times greater!

I'm Jim Mother–Fucking, Penis–Sucking, Pube–Plucking Dale!

Attempting to beat me is EPIC FAIL.

Of dirty audiobooks, I'm the undisputed king.


I'll cover you in my feces, so foamy and brown;

Ejaculate into your fucking ear: TOUCHDOWN!

Stick my wrinkled–old–man boner in your ass, just like Neville's,

Until it gapes so wide, that out drops the Devil,

Who will join me in raping you until the hypertension

Explodes and ass–blasts you into another fucking dimension!

I'm about to murder you like Snape murders Dumbledore,

Cutting you into strips with my ginormous ninja sword.

Or, I could deposit a massive anus baby

In your face, smashing you until you're Pushing Daisies!

Fuck the Skyfoogle, I'm the true terrifying creature

Who will finish the job started by your teacher,

And make you suffocate from the smell of my asshole.

Keep your stupid nigger plums, I've got fucking pineapple!

And on your retarded, out–of–print bullshit,

I must say, I really didn't fucking like it!

Verse 2:

Fuck you so much, you stupid retard.

You know nothing 'bout my penis, so suck it long and hard!

My cock is the drill that will pierce the Heavens;

It's caused three times more death than September Eleventh!

He-he-he; that's right! I've got big, enormous purple nipples,

And testicles too enormous even for Drew Pickles!

This is your last warning: you better retreat

Before I start jerking off, going SKEET SKEET SKEET SKEET,

Poickoickoickoickoickoickoickoick, OH! And drown you in my cum,

Then cum again on your corpse, like I did to my mom!

Shove you face–first up J. K. Rowling's moldy, smelly cunt,

Which is certainly nothing like HAMBURGER RESTAURANTS!

When she, Voldemort and I gang–bang you like Harry,

You'll find our butt–potion particularly scary!


  • He is by far the most vulgar rapper in the entire series.