Inspector Gadget appeared as a vocal cameo in Penelope Vs. Gadget Hackwrench. He was voiced by CheatsyThePimp in his MERB debut. His voice heralds the entrance of Penny Gadget, and the beat accompanying her verse seems to be coming from him.

Information on the cameo

Inspector Gadget is the main character of his self titled series and two live action films as well as several spinoffs. He is a cartoonish cyborg police man whose body contains seemingly every gadget conceivable. Gadget is extremely clumsy and more–than–often outright stupid, and almost all of the actual detective work, usually to the end of stopping the evil, faceless Dr. Claw, ends up being done by his niece Penny and their dog Brain. To activate his gadgets, he says "Go go gadget (gadget name)" then it will activate. Gadget was originally voiced by Don Adams, and was played in the first live-action film by Matthew Broderick.


Go–go Gadget beat!