Harold battled Vince McMahon and later Triple H alongside Heather and Chris McLean in Chris McLean Vs. Vince McMahon. He was voiced by Jose Munoz in his MERB debut.

Information on the RapperEdit



The peak of geek's back from the Aftermath, so hold on to your pants!

And unlike Austin, she'll be rocking Stone Cold sober; that's a fact!

My name is Harold Norbert Cheever Doris McGrady the Fifth, bitch;

Funky Steve's Rhyme-Busting Camp gave me the skills with which I spit this!

A yo-yo-nunchaku master who can kick some major backside;

Needn't even rig the votes for us to win this by a landslide!

Perhaps his little daughter snapping into Macho Man's Slim Jim?

When we prosecute you lyrically, there's no escaping judgment!

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