Gregorio Cortez battled Bob Parr, Helen Parr, Violet Parr, Dash Parr, Jack-Jack Parr and Syndrome alongside Juni Cortez, Carmen Cortez, Ingrid Cortez and Machete in Parr Family Vs. Cortez Family. He was voiced by Jose Munoz.

Information on the RapperEdit



Verse 1:Edit

Brace for the fiercest Cortez conquest since Tenochtitlan's demise…

We spit undermining disses, digging deeper than your Mole-Man!

Midlife's stress was a joke next to the crisis you'll be in;

Your credibility is like your breeding rights: it's dubious.

Yo, I'm the dopest O.S.S. O.G. this side of William Donovan;

The Third Brain's maker's mind is not one you should pit your brawn against!

My namesake pleaded for his life, but you're the ones on trial here!

Verse 2:Edit

Who do you think you are?

We'll put you on ice more abruptly than your comics run with Boom!

As dexterous as spider-monkeys with these burns, we're spurning you dumb chumps.

Verse 3:Edit

Oh, what; complaining about hurt feelings now, are we?

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