George S. Irving battled both Michael Rosen and Jim Dale in Michael Rosen Vs. Jim Dale. Like everyone else in that battle, he was "played by himself" through YTP–style voice editing.

Information on the rapper

George S. Irving (1922-2016) was an American Broadway actor. He won a Tony Award in 1973 for his starring role in the musical Irene, and is also famous for the role of Heat Miser in the Rankin-Bass Christmas special The Year Without a Santa Claus.

He is also known for narrating the audiobook versions of Alvin Schwartz's infamous Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark horror anthology volumes. These recordings were previously parodied by YouTube Pooper TomServo3 as "Tom's Terrifying Tales from the Toaster", which are the basis for Irving's inclusion in MERB alongside other elderly narrators whose voices have also been exploited in the YTP genre.


(Spoken:) Did somebody say "scary"?


(Rapping:) I'm the host with the most old sacks.

You two are stupid, gay faggot hacks!

Shook hands with both Scarecrows: Dr. Crane and Harold, no doubt;

If your name has an "L", time to get out!

Now, I'll stop ripping off existing lines,

And rip you new assholes with original lines:

I'm ten years older and wiser.

It's about to get hot; you're dealing with Heat Miser!

I've been performing since 1943;

That's a longer career than Christopher Lee's,

And just like him, I'm not going to retire!

I don't need Thomas and Alfred to throw you in the fire.

You're drunk, Michael; go tidy your room!

You too, Jim; flee before I make this one your tomb.

I'll tie you to a pole, taking you hostage,

Bring you to Samuel Blunt, and make Wonderful Sausage!

I've got cows aplenty, a Big Slithery Dee,

And dance moves rivaling Aaron Kelly's,

Plus swag as big as Martin the Cat.

I'll rip your cocks clean off; feed 'em to a sewer rat!

AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! I'll make you scream

Until you're pale as that ugly bitch from "The Dream".

I've got passion in my sacks, and ain't afraid to show it.

You both are dead; just too stupid to know it!


  • He is the second third party rapper in the series, after Penny Gadget.
  • His instrumental is the same one used for Mikhail Gorbachev in the real Epic Rap Battles of History, and his first few lines are modeled after those of Gorbachev.
  • He is the first real person to die after being used in MERB. He is also the oldest real person character in MERB to have been alive at the time of his use.