Gendo Ikari somewhat assisted his son Shinji Ikari in battling Rorschach, with Adrian Veidt entering afterwards, in Shinji Ikari Vs. Rorschach. He was voiced by David Ohlsen.

Information on the Rapper

Gendo Ikari is the main human antagonist of Neon Genesis Evangelion and the abusive, stress–imposing father of protagonist Shinji Ikari who forces him to pilot the EVA–01 cyborg apparatus.

Gendo is involved in a conspiracy by a group known as SEELE that aims to exploit the dangerous beings known as "Angels", the main "monster" antagonists of the series, and the artifacts related to them in order to merge all of humanity into a single being that would basically become God. The main body of SEELE wishes to preserve only their own consciousnesses to control the new God when this happens, but Gendo intends to sabotage this plan and create a variation whereby everyone's fate as part of the gestalt would be more equal and similar to Heaven.


Son, I am disappointed in you. Yet, you have served your purpose here, and now, just as planned, I will be the one to finish this...

Out from behind closed doors, I emerge to take the floor;

Heart hardened like an EVA's core, I'm frigid like the Cold War,

Yet I rely on children no more as I step into the fray,

To hijack this verbal melee like the schemings of SEELE!

Yep, it's Gendo, baby, and though my son's a super–wimp,

You'll find the apple falls far, because his dad's an uber–pimp.

Any Akagi will attest that I'm one manly ladies' man,

Looking boss with my shiny shades and steeple–clasped hands.

Such is my power, I've even run for office in real life,

While you're a bigger fool for "justice" than I am for my dead wife,

And though you boast brutal brawling skills and crude grappling gadgetry,

I'm close to David Xanatos in my mastery of gambitry.

You beating me has a one–in–a–billion probability;

Like your one–man war on crime, it's an effort in futility.

Yeah, I got bit in half like a Liu Kang fatality,

But I flow rhymes so seamless, call it rhythm Instrumentality!

I penetrate your mind and soul like Arael, I don't relent,

Because my Synch Rate with this beat is over four hundred percent.

Why turn all of humanity into one big puddle of orange?

It's simple really: the truth is, (abrupt silence)

Forget that asshole Joffrey , I'm the king of bastard–kind,

And Francisco Scaramanga's gun has nothing on mine,

'Cause I can one–shot anybody, anywhere, any day.

That's right, it's Gendownage time! Brian, take it away!


  • He is the first backup rapper to somewhat diss the person they back up.