Gaston battled Prince Hans in Gaston Vs. Hans. He was voiced by Joseph Sylvers.

Information on the Rapper

Gaston is the main antagonist in Beauty and the Beast. He is a brutish man idolized by the villagers, including his lackey LeFou, and aggressively attempts to court Belle. When he learns that Belle has chosen the "hideous" Beast over him, Gaston rallies the village into an angry mob to storm the Beast's castle and kill him. He eventually dies by falling off the castle roof after recklessly stabbing the Beast in the back.

Gaston is very popular on the internet, including in the YouTube Poop genre, for his more comedic aspects, exemplified during his self–titled musical number which lists several acts that he can supposedly perform unlike anyone else.


Verse 1:

Bonjour, asshole, want to duke it out with this

Dan Plainview drinks milkshakes and I finish your sandwiches

Burst in, kick your ass, and plant that true love's french kiss

People love to hate me, you just plain get them pissed

There's Norway you can win, NOONE RAPS LIKE GASTON

I'll send you falling to your death, happy trails Hans

Yeah, I failed to kill the Beast

But I can topple you at least

Drive you mad, have you locked away like crazy old Maurice

Got that operatic voice, base baritone range

Just like my great uncle Brom, you're more like Ichabod Crane

And Frozen hasn't even been out for a single year yet

You can't make a good rap battle with a man you've just met

I'll cement it as a trend to hit you squarely in the face

Invite all your brothers hear and have you finish fourteenth place

It's true LeFou, I'm the best at what I do

Now if only there was someone out there who loved you

Verse 2:

You scrawny little prick, you've Tangled with the wrong man

And now it's about to get real

You're living proof of Disney princes getting cheaper by the dozen

But you couldn't even beat Groose, my retard elven half-cousin

Like a hairless, clawless Scar, you're clearly envious of my pride

But you'll shatter like the mirror you're based on when our blows collide

I've got MUSCLES, man! Like Casey I'm a super-star slugger

When I'm through with you, you'll be a MAJOR fixer-upper

I'm the classic evil suitor, you're better off ignored

So saddle up on your pony, and haul it back to the Fjord